Cost-effective options to meet your needs

Building your working machine with Valtra is an experience in itself.

We offer hundreds of different accessories and options to choose from, adding up to an infinite number of different combinations. Because picking and choosing can be difficult, we now offer cost-effective option packages to help you with decision-making.

The option packages make it easier to specify a new tractor: nothing important is left out and the resale price of the tractor is also taken into account. When purchased as a package, the equipment is less expensive than when ordered separately.

Best of all, the option packages do not limit you from selecting additional features from the Unlimited Studio.

Option packages


The Comfort package improves your level of comfort with elevated features, such as an air-suspended driver’s seat, a suspended cab, front axle suspension, a control armrest with joystick and automatic reversing lights.

  • AIRES Front Axle Suspension & Compressed air system
  • Wide angle windscreen wiper
  • Suspended cab
  • Seat, Air Suspended+ OR Valtra Evolution
  • Work Light Premium or Premium+ with LED lights

Comfort Pro

The Comfort Pro package has everything included in the Comfort option package, and more. Premium interior options and a right side window wiper increase your working comfort. Automatic air conditioning and a lower heater unit keep the climate of the cabin comfortable for work.

  • Premium interior
  • Automatic air conditioning + lower heater unit
  • Right side window wiper


The Technology package includes everything in the Comfort package and adds precision farming features that make connecting and operating implements easier and more productive. These include rear ISOBUS connectivity, power sockets, implement signal connection and the full Valtra Guide GPS guidance.

  • Full Valtra Guide: one of 4 options with Novatel or Trimble antenna
  • ISOBUS rear
  • AutoControl D, drive balance control + rear linkage slip control system with radar sensor
  • Automatic Slip Regulator system (Versu and Direct)
  • Power socket set
  • All options from Comfort

Technology Pro

The Technology Pro package includes all the features of the Comfort and
Technology packages. Moreover, it has everything you need for Smart Farming - including the SmartTouch Extend auxiliary display, a Valtra Wayline Assistant and Valtra Section control, as well as third party guidance support.

  • Full Valtra Guide centimetre accuracy with Novatel or Trimble antenna
  • Wayline Assistant
  • Precision farming: One of 4 Section Control or Section Control & Variable Rate options
  • SmartTouch Extend
  • TaskDoc Pro
  • Auto U-Pilot
  • All options from Comfort and Technology

Technology Pro X

Spend less time in the office and more on the field. The Technology Pro X includes all the features from Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro packages. On top of this, you will get all the needed services and subscriptions to the TaskDoc Pro server license and the agrirouter and have everything ready to transfer data between your FMIS system (connected either to the TaskDoc Pro server or to the agrirouter) and your Valtra tractor. This will make your life easier and save a lot of time and effort, as all the documentation is created automatically.

  • Valtra Section Control 36 + VRC 5 products
  • TaskDoc Pro server license 1 year
  • DKE agrirouter 1 year
  • All options from Comfort, Technology and Technology Pro


Valtra adds new option packages

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Buy, rent, lease

Machinery and equipment are both a vital part and a major expense on any farm operation. The financing of a Valtra machine is now easier and more flexible than ever before. With the Rent, Buy, Lease programme offered by AGCO Finance, we give you the chance to build a financing solution to meet your needs.

Try the new Smart Finance calculator to find the best solutions for you.

Finance calculator

A tractor born every 12 minutes

The Suolahti assembly plant in Finland produces a new A, N or T Series Valtra tractor every 12 minutes. The plant operates six days a week with a single shift. In addition to the assembly plant, Suolahti is also home to the engineering centre, transmission plant and spare parts centre. Altogether around 950 employees work in Suolahti.

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Awards are no accident

Valtra’s fourth-generation tractor models have earned numerous international awards in recent years. This is no accident but rather the result of years of dedicated work.

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Ready to take on any challenge at the farm, on the road, runway or forest, Valtra tractors are reliable working machines for any environment. Every tractor is tailored to meet the individual needs of its owner.

Select from Valtra’s tractor series, from 75 to 405 HP, with multiple models and transmission options – all can be tailored to meet your individual needs, no matter what work you do.

Valtra is the solution for business segments like farming, forestry, municipality, airport maintenance, construction and many other industries. All our tractor series are made with operator comfort and ease of use in mind, all while utilising the latest technology innovations to make your work as cost-efficient and effective as possible. All our tractors can be customised for varying needs.

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SmartTouch: Easier than your smartphone

The award-winning Valtra SmartTouch armrest is so easy to use that it truly takes the productivity of your tractor to the next level. With the 9-inch touch screen, the intelligent multi-use drive lever, new hydraulic joystick and fully integrated technology, SmartTouch lightens your workload and gives you the best and most straightforward user experience for managing your working machine.

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Valtra Unlimited: The sky is no limit

Our unique Unlimited studio allows you to get exactly the tractor you want and need. The studio can fit any accessories and equipment that are not available directly from the production line during the normal manufacturing process. 

Whether you are looking for a tractor for road maintenance, forestry work or municipal tasks, or if you need specific features for farming or even defence and military purposes, Valtra Unlimited has the capabilities to build your working machine. 

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